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Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
opposing communism. as a cia operative units involved in the ill-fated bay of pigs operation. in the following years he was involved in the tracking of the revolutionary che guevara. this is about an hour. c-span: felix rodriguez, the author of "shadow warrior: the cia hero of a hundred unknown battles," let me read you one sentence from page 65 and get your reaction. "i volunteered to assassinate fidel castro and the americans took me up on it." >> guest: well, it was in 1960, when we were in the training camps, actually were in panama then for final training for the bay of pigs and a friend of mine and i thought that it would shorten the war in cuba if fidel were taken out, so we called our case officer at that time in the area of panama where we were, and we volunteered to kill fidel. we were, at that time, about 19 years old then. c-span: how close did you get? >> guest: well, we were given a rifle with a telescopic sight and we were -- three times we attempted to infiltrate cuba, with a boat that had a ukrainian crew on it, plus an american captain, and we went twice close to th
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
off it went to the united states into the blue, and i'm sure there are pieces that i never saw that we sent that i've still never seen. c-span: page 104: "someone once said that if we had daily satellites then as we do now, the war would have been over much sooner. perhaps that is true. we might have won it, too." did the satellite thing in the gulf make that war shorter? >> guest: could have. see, i firmly believe that we'll never be able to wage a war in this country -- if it becomes necessary, god forbid -- of any duration as long as the camera is there. i don't think that you can count on american will. not that i'm putting american will down. but you can't count on any will to see the horrors of war. world war ii was carried on basically invisibly, if you think about it. just think of the harrowing images of world war ii long after the war was over -- of course, it was a much bigger operation. i think if there had been total access in the gulf and we hadn't been winning so handily and we had had a lot of american corpses out there or a lot of american guys yelling for the medic
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2